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100% Natural Tongkat Ali 1:50 root powder vegetable capsule - trial size (2015-07-20) 

Tongkat Ali root powder vegetable capsule is a dietary supplement for your health care provider.

400mg per capsule and two capsule in the morning or evening.

tongkat ali capsule


tea saponin- Camellia oleifera seed powder extract promotion announcement (2015-06-10)

Promotion time: June 10, 2015 - Decemember 10, 2015

1 - For new customers:

You can get 50 g free samples of tea saponin free of charge from our company. Tea saponin information links: tea saponin 95%

2 - For old customers:

During the activity, if your single purchase quantity above 500 kilograms, we can give you FOB price 10% discount. If you need more detailed discount, you can click this link contact information and email or call us directly!

Note: Use area of tea saponin:

A - Biological pesticide auxiliaries: Tea saponin can make better pesticides adhesion on the blade surface, has humidification effect, can be a very good in the water film is formed on the leaf, greatly improve the efficiency.

B - Natural snail control agent: Tea saponin is mainly used in rice field, it can efficiently kill apple snails.

C - Aquaculture: Tea saponin is mainly used to kill unwanted fish in the pond, insects and bacteria, parasites and enhance the survival rate of shrimp, accelerate the growth of shrimp.

D - Natural detergent: Tea saponin can be used in the production of natural detergent, cumulative residue, can be used in shampoo, moisturize hair, anti-inflammatory crumbs. It also can be used in the natural clothes clean.


Pure resveratrol from grape skins (2015-06-04)

We know resveratrol is present in the grape skins, wines, giant knotweed root and other herbs. Usually we will extract resveratrol from giant knotweed root. Because the content of resveratrol in giant knotweet root is higher than other herbs. and resveratrol from giant knowtweed root extract is widely used in health products and dietary supplements. In fact resveratrol from grape skin is also used in dietary supplements and other foods. Because it is more safe and long-term use it without side effects. So resveratrol from grape skin is the better choice for people's dietary supplements and health foods.


Pure dongkat ali extract 50-1 no added (2015-05-17)

We recently produced no pigment added tongkat ali (eurycoma longifolia) extract 50-1. Its effect is very obvious. Welcome to contact us to order or customize no added tongkat ali extract 100-1, no added tongkat ali extract 200-1.

no added tongkat ali root extract 50-1


One of our advantage product: Natural Ferulic Acid 98% (2014-12-11)

Natural ferulic acid 98% is one of our advantage product. We have a first-class technical team as support. High quality with a normal price of natural ferulic acid 98%.

Physical and Chemical Detect
Natural degrees( Test C13 ) -33~-36 -34.85
Natural Ferulic Acid (HPLC) ≥98% 98.12%
Moisture Content <4% 0.50%
Ash Content <2% 0.05%


Green Coffee Beans May Aid Weight Loss: Study Details (2014-10-09)

Vinson and his colleagues gave the men and women in the study a 700-milligram (mg) dose of the ground coffee beans and a 1,050 mg dose. They also gave them a placebo or inactive dose during the 22-week study. The men and women cycled through each phase for six weeks. In between, they had ''wash-out'' periods where they didn't take any supplement. In this way, they served as their own comparison group."Their calories were monitored," Vinson says. They were not put on diets. Calorie intakes stayed about the same during the study. They averaged about 2,400 calories a day -- by no means a weight reduction plan.They burned, on average, about 400 calories a day in physical activity, Vinson says. The study was done in India. The 17-pound loss was the average. Some lost only about 7 pounds; others about 26 pounds. Overall, body weight declined by an average of 10.5%. Body fat declined by 16%. The study participants lost slightly more weight with the higher dose compared to the lower dose, but not a significant amount with the placebo, Vinson says. Vinson can't say for sure why the coffee bean extract seems to help weight loss. He suspects one explanation is the unroasted beans' chlorogenic acid. Chlorogenic acid is a plant compound. It may have ''some effect on keeping down glucose absorption," which in turn helps reduce weight, Vinson says. Once coffee beans are roasted, the chlorogenic acid breaks down. None of the people in the study reported side effects, Vinson says. The capsules are extremely bitter, he says. They are best taken with a lot of water before a meal, he says. These findings were presented at a medical conference.

They should be considered preliminary, as they have not yet undergone the "peer review" process, in which outside experts scrutinize the data prior to publication in a medical journal.


The breakthrough of refining technology in tea saponin production (2014-06-22)

After two years of R & D, our company(Changsha Nulant Chem Co., Ltd.) made a major breakthrough in the production process on the high content tea saponin used in high-end shampoo. It is applied in production now, and combined with our company's advantage in raw materials, at this stage we already has annual product capacity to 60-100 tons, in 2012, the annual product capacity can exceed 200 tons.

The main advantages of our Tea saponin 95% decolor:
-Natural, safty, it is extracted from natural oil-tea seed, no additive.
-High content, 95% Tea saponin.
-Pure, it is off-white, less unhappy taste and odor.
-Low price, USD26-30/KG FOB China port


Consumption analysis of tongkat ali extract in China. (2014-08-17)

All people know that Tongkat ali extract is made from Eurycoma Longifolia Jack. It is extracted from root. And usually it is used in men's medicine to improve boby function of sex all over the world. It is not exceptional in China. And you can buy the product from many chemist's shop in China now.
Many Chinese people tend to buy the capsule of tongkat ali extract which is imported from abroad. They think its quatity is better than that comes from Chinese pharmaceutical factory, and it is so expensive. Usually it cost USD60-120 per 30 to 50 capusules. This should be complies to Chinese's consumption psychology. Chinese think the products from abroad is good, and the price,the brand and the manufactory name are not so important for them. They think the capsule of tongkat ali extract is more reliable after they passed the inspecting of China customs.
In fact, there is some phamaceutical factories offer the capusule of tongkat ali extract now in China. and the price is cheaper. But many Chinese peoples would not want to buy it, they think low price is corresponding to the low efficacy. But there is some people don't think so. They think they trust many Chinse pharmaceutical mactory. They think the efficacy of capsule of tongkat ali extract from them as well as the sapsule from abroad and it is cheaper. They also think they can know many detailed and timely information from Chinese pharmaceutical manufactory more directly, and their consumer lawful rights can be protected better and easier than buying the capsule from abroad.


5-htp 70mg 100mg or 750mg of daily dose is ok for depression, Anxiety, insomnia and other symptoms? (2014-01-12)

5-htp is a powder extract from Africa Griffonia simplicifolia seed. Also we know our brain can secrete this composition 5-htp. If our brain secretes low content 5-htp, and we will feel depression, Anxiety, insomnia and other symptoms, which will change our bodies, such as obesity, anorexia, and our face will lose luster, and skin aging.
When we face so quick life rhythm now, more and more people appeared these symptoms. How do we regulate it?
First, we will go to the hospital to confirm whether there is the lack of 5-htp in our bodies; the Second setp, we will go to buy the sapsule of 5-htp, and we are looking forward this composition will be relieved and be disappeared after we take it for a period of time.
In the face of many different specifications of capsule 5-htp products, how do we choose it? (It is not easy to be a accurate answer for this question )
Let’s have a analysis together:
First ,5-htp is a very mature technology products, we can rest assured its quality.
Second, we are most puzzled that all of the daily doses of 5-htp 50mg 70mg or 100mg is OK? There are a few specifications 50%, 98% and 99% for 5-htp, and 98%,99% are the major specifications for 5-htp. First we should look at the instructions of product packaging above, and find the effective concentration and the description of its efficacy for 5-htp. But after we finish doing these two steps, we will feel so confuse for 5-htp’s daily dose. One investigation shows that: daily dose for 750 mg of 5-HTP can reduce the absorption of carbohydrates, and weight gain, achieving the effect of weight loss. But this investigation does not show us the detailed specifications of the 5-htp we will use, the applicability for a specific individual and the effect after taking it. We fell the investigation is just a general conclusion.
5-htp 98% daily doses of 70mg and 100mg is common, but there is not a clear way to tell us which detailed symptoms they can ease better. We only know they are useful for the sumptoms of depression, anxiety, insomnia and other symptoms now. So after people taking the capsule of 5-htp, the symptoms of some people can be improve and some one fail to get good effect .
According to the above questions, I think for the drug instructions needs a clear description of each specification of 5-htp for each type of symptoms for, and 5-htp will be able to be given full play of its efficacy.
Therefore, daily doses of 5-htp 70mg 100mgOr 750mg dose is not entirely reasonable.


Congratulation for Changsha Nulant Chem Co., Ltd. obtained ISO 9001:2008 certificate! (2013-05-01) 


Congratulations for our products through the KOSHER certification! (2013-05-01)